Do You Want Some Ice Cream?

I was checking my mail on Yahoo & this piece of NEWS content caught my eye. Now frankly speaking I dont know what to say so I’d rather post the content & let you decide for yourselves 🙂

So here it is, Breast Milk Ice cream! Why think of new flavours, new presentations when you can change the milk itself :S Simple! Its something that you always wanted right? It also goes on to say…

So its all for the cash… The things people will do for money is both amusing & amazing…And just when you felt that “this is heights” the article ends with the following piece

So the question now is…Are you ready for some Baby Gaga Icecream…. Coz Im not 😀



Girls shouldn’t be visiting pubs, couples shouldn’t be holding hands, Hindu girls shouldn’t speak to Muslim guys, a guy & girl seen somewhere together should either be married or be siblings…….This is what the world has come to or rather what Mangalore has come to since its our world. We are supposed to be FREE people. We read it in our high school textbooks don’t we? “ India is one of the largest democracies in the world” We spend so much time studying all those things about democracy & being able to do whatever we want unlike a China , to grow up & be beaten up for trying to live what we studied back then!

Its come to a stage where people are genuinely scared! Forget going out with your girlfriend, now the youngsters fear even going out in a group inclusive of guys & girls…. The question we seem to be asking everytime is “do you think the beach is safe” , “is it ok to go to the mall”…..I mean A BEACH for Gods sake! What can be a more open place than a beach?

Today there is talk that the attacks on the girls at the pub was coz they weren’t following the “Indian culture” ….huh? Beating up women is “Indian culture” Oh yeah I guess it is just like those sari clad women at home who get beaten up by their drunk husbands for religiously following the “Indian culture”….Valentines day is just round the corner & we are scared that somethings might go wrong that day….ARE WE FREE???

The New Vodafone Commercial

Im sure You’ve all seen the new Vodafone ad. Vodafone( formerly Hutch) shot into fame for their ads with the Pug who became famous as the HUTCH DOG. Though somehow they manage to re-invent the Hutch Dog everytime & very successfully at that, its after a long time that they decided to shift focus from the dog & actually use people. And boy did they come up with a winner or wat!

The ad is actually a simple one depicting their new scheme of “Chota credit” wherein you can request for currency on credit in case you find yourself out of balance & need some urgently. And the ad makers have gone back to school literally to put it across to the people. The first thing you’ll notice is how cute the li’l girl is & the image that’ll last in your mind once the ad is over is the toothy grin of the guy which is my favourite part of the ad. You just cant help but smile when you see that smile on his face, tell me if you dont :-)Also dont miss the expression of the guy right after he places the ink drop on the table.I love the background score too:-) Way to go guys!