A Day To Remember Or Maybe Forget!!!

Reliving an old post! My 1st post ever 5 yrs back! 🙂 A real life incident 😀

It was a few weeks ago when I was still busy with exams & all of a sudden I got a call from my buddy Levin & he was like “dude come over to my place for lunch tomorrow”. I was excited “Whats the occasion” I asked. “Nothin special, Im cooking” was his answer. For a second I didnt know what to say. “U there??” he asked. I said “yeah yeah, U cooking????”. “Yes & be sure that u make it & I’ve called some other friends over too”. Relieved that there’ll be others to share the grief “Yeah sure” I said trying to sound excited & at the same time making a mental note to have a heavy breakfast the next morning.

I had to go to college so when I reached his place it was just a little late, but with plenty of time for lunch though. When i made it there finally I saw that the others were already there.

CHARACTERS– Binoy, Pearl, Karen, Relin & ofcourse Levin
THE SETTING – Levin’s  Dining Room

Of these people Binoy was an old friend from school, Karen was a friend from college & I was meeting Pearl & Relin for the 1st time.When I entered all these guys were sitting around the table & Levin was pain stakingly explaining a board game to them which they were about to play. I opted out of it(which i was really thankful for later!!). Looking at everyone’s faces I knew immediately that nobody could understand what the game was but everyone pretended with some even asking the occasional question. Nobody wants to look dumb you know.I made a prediction that Levin would win the game coz I was sure that no one else understood what the game was all about. Anyways they began playing & it went on for about an hour. Binoy had that determined look throughout. He wanted to win desperately even though he had no clue as to what was going on.Karen kept circulating some card to everyone throughout the game.Relin pretended to be enjoying & Pearl…Well she was’nt even pretending.She kept fiddling about with everything & yawning. Finally the game to an end and VOILA!! the winner was……..NOBODY….Huh?? Yeah you heard it right. Nobody won. The fact that even Levin couldnt manage to win even though he was playing against 4 people who had no clue as to what they were doing says something, doesnt it?? Then everyone blamed poor Relin saying that there was no winner coz she cheated during the game. Give me a break!!! How can u cheat in a game that you dont even know how to play in the first place?? . Well…she agreed that she cheated( which makes it all even more weird).

CHARACTERS– Well pretty much the same
THE SETTING – The Kitchen

Levin went into the kitchen to have a look at the “food”.We all began packing the game up. Suddenly Binoy realised what the game was actually about & began screaming “Now I understood the game”…huh?? I know its getting all too weird. So then we went into the kitchen


We were done with the game. Levin went into the kitchen. We all looked at each other. We knew that the time had come. Our worst fears were about to come true.The moment of truth. We were scared, we were confused,we were helpless. We were surely too young to….well not die but have a stomach ache or something( Do people die of stomach ache???).We looked at the main door. I knew that everyone had just one question in mind,”could i make a run for it?”. But we all knew that it was just not possible. Levin would get to us even before we would get halfway through the hall. Hungry, scared, dejected we made our way to the kitchen in a single file like Prisoners of War. There Levin was standing saying”everything looks good”. Everyone was standing far away waiting for the other to make the 1st move. Seeing that nobody else was coming forward I grabbed my plate & went first. I smiled to comfort the others( coz I remembered the movie Bhagath Singh).I went to the rice first. I grabbed the spoon to take the rice. I tapped the spoon with rice onto my plate.Nothing happened.’Tap’ again nothing happened.Then I scraped the spoon with another. ‘Splat ‘the rice fell on the plate. Now that was done I looked at the rest.Other items on the menu were palak paneer, curds & vegetables.I put everything in my plate , mustered up all the courage & put the first morsel in my mouth…….

Now after such a build up to the story im sure you must be expecting me to say that it was either very bad or very good. But here’s where a bit of anti-climax comes in. It was neither good nor bad.It was STRANGE. Strange because everything tasted absolutely the same, not similar.SAME!!. I mean u eat rice & then palak & then the vegetable & have a sip of water. SAME. Infact if we would run out of palak , it didnt matter coz you could make do with the rice.Everyting tasted the same afterall!!! Infact for the 1st time ever I realised that water had some taste. Everyone else started having their lunch silently. Levin still kept sayin “everything looks good”. Somebody(either Relin or Pearl) said there was a jar of pickle in the cabinet. Everyone ran to get some.I’ve never seen so much demand for pickle ever. Now atleast we have something that tasted diffferent. Well anyways somehow we managed to finish whatever was in our plates. I dont know what had gotten into Levin. He still kept saying” everything was good, nothing got wasted”….DUH!!!!

Well whatever it is , it was an experience(I didnt say good or bad). I also know that Levin wont stop trying. He’ll definitely call us all over to his place once again & TRY n cook again. Ill definitely go. Till then Im gonna enjoy & appreciate every meal that I have everyday.


Cricket Anyone? :-D

At the rate at which cricket & IPL is influencing people I would’nt be surprised if a few years from now kids would answer like this –

How many states in India?

Ans: 9

Name them.

Ans : Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians……

Who is the chief Minister of Karnataka?

Ans : Vijay Mallya

Who is the father of the nation?

Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Who was Dada Saheb Phalke

Ans: Saurav Ganguly

Who built the Great wall of China?

Ans: Rahul Dravid

Name the Indians who struggled against the British

Ans: Raina, Laxman, Dhoni, Sehwag…..

If someone slaps you on one cheek…..?

Ans: Cry like how Sreesanth did when slapped by Harbajhan

When the going gets tough…..

Ans: Divert your mind by watching the cheerleaders

Who were the pioneers of the quit India Movement?

Ans: DLF

At which summit do the heads of India & Pakistan meet for peace talks?

Ans:  Once in 4 years at the World Cup

Between whom was the Kargil war fought?

Ans: Venkatesh Prasad & Aamir Sohail

Which is our National Anthem?

Ans: Korbo lorbo jeeth bore….

Who attained enlightenment  under the Bodhi tree?

Ans: Navjoth Singh Siddhu

Who was the 1st woman cricketer?

Ans: Geoffrey Boycott’s mother

Where was the 2nd World War fought?

Ans: Sharjah

Introspection … WordPress Style!

The Confused Phase
I wanted to blog, I thought I had loads of ideas & that thousands of people would flock their computers just to catch a glimpse of what I wrote so I started a blog after a lot of research. And that research mainly focused on whether I choose WordPress or the one that sounds like Clogger. Once I decided to use WordPress(for no particular reason back then) I was all excited. I created the profile with my very own name in the top bar! Ah! My name! My ego was on cloud 9. Went to “New Post” & realized that I was not good enough to blog! So I did the easiest thing that I could think of. I went to Youtube & uploaded the “Nikes 1st cricket commercial” video. Then the wait began. I began checking everyday. On the 3rd day or so the page visits went from 0 to 1. Wooooohooo I had my 1st visitor! Thank God to that one soul who finally came & saw it. I tried to find a way to track him down & mail him an official thank you letter but that ofcourse was’nt possible.

The Blog Phase
Every blogger worth his salt will tell you that the “visitors” & the “comments” on his blog excite him! Now that I knew that there was atleast this one guy out there I began a barrage of posts… Within 3 days I posted few videos, an article on torrents & what not. The next 2 months seemed to be so so so dead! Nobody came! I mean nobody! Not even that 1st guy! I knew I should’ve chosen Flogger over WordPress…or was it Clogger… I don’t know but Im sure more than 1 visitor would’ve come on Slogger.

The Damage Control Phase
Now I was certain that if this blog had to serve any purpose I gotta stop waiting & do something. I started posting a steady stream of articles, some good & some pathetic. And I did something extra. I joined facebook. So I began posting the articles on my wall (Ofcourse WordPress didn’t have the auto share with facebook like they do now) The poor guys on the my friends were fooled into visiting my blog & slowly the visitors increased, not by much. Maybe 10 or so which was definitely more than the 1 which I was happy with on the 1st day. Monthly visitors increased to about 45 or so & once hit 70. Life was good!

1st Retirement
The sudden interest that I had slowly began to fade away. People were visiting but not a single comments, not a single “like”. Man cannot live on bread alone, he needs his ego fed too. Im not someone with an iron will, I give up very easily so I did the best thing! I disappeared from the blogging scene. Infact I didnt even open my blog site for about 6 months.

The “Im Back” Phase
One day after 6 months or so I just logged into my account & I noticed that the last 6 months showed a steady stream of visitors, not much about 20 to 30 per month even though I hadn’t even logged in! Yeah that really amused me! So people do come here! I posted with gusto for the next 4 months & was happy with the response

2nd Retirement
The topics began fading, the mind stopped working. I kept getting flashes of brilliant ideas but when I sat to write them out I couldn’t go past the 1st two or three sentences. I realized that it was time to leave. It was time to give up once again and that’s something Im really good at!

The Daily Post Era
I came back somewhere around the february of this year. I logged into WordPress with a lotta difficulty coz I had forgotten my password, they sent me a temporary one which no one would remember even if they tried & was pleasantly surprised with the better, sleeker & a livelier interface. But for me the best part was the “The Daily Post” initiative along with the “Featured Post” & “Freshly Pressed” features. WordPress had finally become a “reading” site along with the “writing” site. I became a part of the daily post challenge & the results are here to see for everyone! I have readers visiting my site, commenting & also discussing the posts! A thousand readers a month is definitely a big improvement from 50…don’t you think so? 😀 So 3 years with this site has definitely been a great ride so far & hopefully this time Im here to stay 😀

CATWOMEN-Rescuing The Prophet! Part 2

Proceed further only if you have read PART-1

They sped off to his hideout which was in Melkar in Panemangalore. Shovita was at the wheel. Meanwhile Nishita sat in the passenger seat adjusting her make up using the mirror as usual.She believed in looking the best even in the worst of situations!Suddenly her phone rang, they both froze.They thought that it was Gundamani to make fresh demands. But they were wrong…The call was from Vodafone asking her if she wanted to activate the song “Oh Little Flower” from the superhit movie Quickgun Murugun as her caller tune.Since Nishita had seen the movie 1st day 1st show & also coz she didn’t want the recorded Vodafone voice to feel bad she activated the caller tune. Shovita began singing “beeghe hont tere”  to herself.

What the hell are you singing at this time” screamed Nishita

What to do I’m bored & we still have half an hour to reach the place so just doing some time pass” said Shovita

My husband, the love of my life is in danger & you’re singing.Just focus on the job at hand” ordered Nishita

Her phone rang once again.This time it was obvious that it was Gundamani coz she had saved his number along with his smiling photo (Don’t ask why she had clicked his pic)

Gundamani -“What a stupid caller tune you put

Nishita- “Shut up …why did you call?”

I think you don’t want him, are you planning on coming or not?” Gundamani barked on the phone

We are on the way Gundamani, we cant help the fact that your hideout is so far from the city
she said

Gundamani -“What the hell are you talking about,Im in Goldfinch, 5th floor room no 512

We’ll be there in 10 mins,you better not touch my husband” she said disconnecting the call

She asked Shovita to speed up.She did …but unfortunately they hit a light pole.Being a superwoman doesn’t make you a better driver. A policeman came onto the scene.He was the new  guy in town ,Pradyumna who was known as Pimpry Ponnappa in the city for reasons unkown .He was known to be a tough cop

So ladies having a joy ride? And why are you’ll dressed up like that” asked Officer Pimpry grumpliy

Sir we are really sorry, we are Catwomen on a mission please let us go” pleaded the Catwomen

Officer Pimpry-“I don’t care which animal you are fond of but rules are rules, show me your DL & RC

Now both had no clue as to what those meant.Nishita looked into the dash hoping for something to pop out saying “Hi Im your RC”. All she found was a book which was actually the user manual of the car stereo. Shovita told her that most probably it must be the RC.She handed it over to Officer Pimpry .

Nishita :”I think this is what you wanted officer

Officer Ponnappa fumed :” Why the hell would I want your car stereo manual.”

Officer Pimpry assumed that they were playing the fool with him.So he filed a case against them & had their car towed.So now that they didn’t have a car with them they began running to Goldfinch.15 seconds later they were totally tired & so decided to travel by an auto.They caught an auto & finally reached the spot. 2 superwomen dressed weirdly arriving at Goldfinch in an auto was an irony but then what can one say as it was an emergency afterall. Now that they were finally at their destination they began planning their next move

Nishita -“He’s on the 5th floor, we need to hurry & get there

Shovita -“Yeah these walls will be difficult to climb, lets drink a li’l of the Mocha Metacin so that we can get enough energy

So they quickly gulped down the Mocha Metacin. They felt rejuvenated, after all its ingredients were  from the jungles in Pilikula & it took a lotta time to prepare it though they didn’t know that the same thing was available in Coffee Day as Iced Tea. They began their climb, it wasn’t easy at all but with family on the line & li’l help from the magic drink they finally reached the 5th floor after 2 hours.Why they climbed the walls when the elevator was perfectly fine nobody knows.But they are superhero’s & you never question a superhero/superheroine .They reached the room no 512 & broke the door & entered.There they saw the Australia return Gundamani sitting on a large sofa with Prophet sitting on the floor all tied up.Tears rolled down Nishita’s beautiful mask covered face seeing him like that(We need some emotional scenes too in the story you know).They also saw Gundamani’s hot & sexy girlfriend Sitamma sitting next to him on the sofa

Gundamani -“ What the F$#!, cant you knock, simply you broke the door no, now I have to pay fine

Nishita -“ Shut up Gundamani, release my husband

Gundamani  -“ Have patience , have patience my girl. You’ve made me suffer so much over the years, now its my chance for revenge & so Ill take my time. Now first both of you dance for me.

WHAT?” screamed both the Catwomen in unison shocked.

Gundamani -“ Yes dance, this is the punishment for you for the 10 rupees chota recharge that you did for me,how cheap of you, you should have some standard

We recharged according to what your standard is” Shovita said angrily

This really upset Gundamani. He suddenly took out a knife bought it close to Prophet, the Catwomen shivered with fright fearing his next move.Gundamani caught hold of Prophets hair & to chop it all off.Yes Gundamani had weird ways of torturing people.Though Nishita liked the idea of a free hair cut for her husband she decided that they should dance & so both she & Shovita began dancing to the song “Dola re dola re” from Devdas.They danced so well that Madhuri & Ash would feel ashamed.After half an hour of non stop dancing Gundamani said that he wanted something different.Shovita said that she’ll do some Kuchipudi & began doing it with all the delicate facial expressions & hip movements.She had learnt all this coz she was living alone in Blueberry hills.Nishita had had enough of the nonsense

Nishita- “TNJ… enough of the rubbish I’ve had enough

Gundamani- “ Whats TNJ? And you better do it or else…….

Suddenly Nishita took out her purse.Gundamani thought that she’s taking out a gun & stood up with his nail cutter .But instead she took out a 100 rupee note & gave it to him.

Gundamani confused  -“ What is this?

Nishita -“I just realized that this fellow is not worth all the trouble so you only keep him & that money is for you to look after him

Gundamani- “ Hey no no you cant do that & with 100rs what Ill look after him

Nishita -“ That’s your problem, we are goin

Gundamani- “ Hey no no please ya, take him no, I don’t want the money, you take him

Nishita -“NO!

Gundamani- “Hey please ah, tekondu hogu I beg of you

This went on for sometime with both parties not agreeing to take Prophet with them.Shovita meanwhile was still dancing her kuchipudi totally unaware of whats going on.Finally like every hindi movie villain who always has a trick up his sleeve Gundamani suddenly smiled.

Gundamani -“ You don’t want him right? Then I guess you don’t want these too” he said opening the door of the other room.There tied up all together were Nishita’s children & Ryan. Gundamani had pulled off the ultimate trick.He laughed his evil laugh “huhuhusccooobbyy doo huhuhu” for 10 mins.Shovita finally stopped dancing.Both she & Nishita  had tears in their eyes(Like in K3G its all about loving your parents).Gundamani loved playing games

He said with a evil grin “ Ill give you an option.Either take the kids or take Prophet & Ryan huhuhuhu scooohuhu

Li’l Ching Wang Loo –“Mummy chang si su na koi pu lali

kokum ku lung fung schezwan” Nishita said lovingly.

Li’l Ching Wang loo-“ Mummy Chop suey hara bara bombastic manchow

It was such an touching moment watching the mother & son talk to each other.If you are wondering how a 2 year old could speak such good Chinese then you are putting too much thought into this story

Ryan- “ Nishita you take the kids, Im not important

Ok I take the kids” she said to Gundamani

Ryan-” Noooooo I don’t know why I said that, take me take me pleaaasee…I don’t wanna die so young,give him my wife instead

This is supposed to be an action story so the readers would feel cheated if there wasn’t some action.So both the Catwomen suddenly sprang to life.Shovita jumped 2 sofas & caught hold of Sitamma & slapped her twice for no apparent reason.Poor Sitamma  ran away totally terrified.Nishita jumped high in the air & flew straight towards Gundamani aiming her foot on his face, she missed him & hit Prophet instead who fell unconscious.She managed to hit Gundamani on the 2nd try.Shovita ran towards the kids & freed them &  took them out.Meanwhile the battle between Nishita & Gundamani was still on.Nishita threw a chair at Gundamani & since her aim was bad Gundamani himself ran towards the chair so that it would hit him.Gundamani found a Chocolate bar & threw it hard aiming it at nishita’s throat to cut off her oxygen supply.She caught it & ate it as she hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

Time please time please “ said Nishita totally breathless after 20 mins

Gundamani-” What happened ?

Nishita -“Nothing.My mascara smudged, I want to adjust it, where’s the mirror?

Gundmani “Oh ok.2nd room from the left.The eyeliner is in the drawer

Nishita hurried to the mirror, put on a fresh coat of mascara.She came back & they resumed their fight.After 10 minutes both were exhausted.The kids were safe so the Catwomen decided to leave.Gundamani didn’t have the energy to fight any longer too

Gundamani-“Hey what about these two” he said pointing at Ryan & Prophet

Keep them” said the Catwomen & left leaving behind 3 very confused guys.Nishita was overjoyed to have her kids back.”Mummy mummy we want ice cream” they said.She carried them both one in each hand & all the 4 of them went to the ice cream parlour next to their apartment who’s owner was a Chinese by name Chang Wang Mutthappa.Obviously they lived happily ever after.

MORAL- Girls always somehow ditch the guys.

P.S-1)However nonsense my stories are they always have a moral.

2)I thank the lead characters Nishita , Shovita & Kevin for all the hard work & training that they put into this.without them it wouldn’t have been possible

3)A special thanks to Pradyumna(Pimpry ponnappa) for his guest appearance.His charm & Charisma & computer screen presence always adds the extra bit to the story

4)To all the readers- If u think that my writing is not up to the mark then go find some other writer.

CATWOMEN-Rescuing the Prophet! Part 1

TTRRRRRRIIIINNNGGGG….The phone kept ringing.But Nishita couldnt pick it up coz she was busy preparing her kids for school.Being a mother of two & also being Catwoman at the same time wasnt the easiest thing in the world.She had 2 adorable kids.The elder one a girl of 6 yrs named Prophelia & the younger one a boy of 4 yrs who for some strange reason looked chinese & hence the name Ching Wang Loo. Many had asked her how he came out Chinese for which she always gave some vague answer. Finally when they were ready she dropped them off to school. When she returned home the phone was still ringing for the umpteenth time.She picked up & froze “huhuhuhuhuhu scooby dooby doooo huhuhuh” The moment she heard that evil laugh on the phone she knew who it was.It could be none other than Kevin also know as Gundamani Ranga Pooki(GRP).

Gundamani Ranga Pooki was the most feared villain in the whole of buntwala taluk(nobody knows why only buntwala).He & the Catwomen had fought many a battle in which he had lost every time.But he never gave up.He was known to have a database with the details of every girl in South India.Why that piece of information is related to this story again nobody knows.His favourite method of killing people was his evil laugh “huhuhuhu scoobyoooo huhuhuh” which would shatter the listners tympanic membrane of the ear leading to lymphosarcoma of the liver which inturn caused blindness.Death occured due to the victim falling under speeding vehicles due to blindness.He would do anything to get rid of the Catwomen so that he could spread terror among the people of buntwala.

Heellllooooo Cat Woman” he barked into the phone.The menacing tone could not be missed,
Yes Gundamani Ranga Pooki….What do you want, havent I kicked your @$$ enough” She said in a calm voice.
Huhuhuhuhuh…. Dont talk like that to me Cat Woman,I have something of yours in my possession huhuhuhuhu” he said again with that evil laugh
Then all of a sudden she heard her husbands voice on the phone  “darling help me help me…. Ranga pooki is pinching me here

Her husband was this sissy guy who used to teach philosophy at the university.He spoke passionately about the world, its future & various predictions about life & death & so his students lovingly called him The Prophet.The fact that he was a real pansy didnt matter to Nishita coz she loved him very much & would do anything for him.She also loved him coz she was the boss when he’s around.He did exactly what she said be it painting the house frog green color, eating her cooking which nobody else could even stand the smell.Infact her cooking was her weapon of choice when it came to crime fighting coz she had used it many a time to get rid of the clueless villains.Nobody knows whether her cooking was really that bad or if she did it on purpose just to kill the bad guys.Whatever the reason,one thing was certain that she had given her life for crime fighting

What have you done to my husband” she screamed on the phone
Nothin yet, you know where to find me.All you have to do is come here along with that assistant of yours & take your husband away” he said with his smile
Ill make you pay for this Ranga Pooki” she again screamed in anger
Huhuhuhu… Im Pooki! Gundamani Ranga Pooki,I fear nobody“…..suddenly the phone went dead
Nishita panicked wondering what happened.Luckily she had caller Id & so called back the number.He picked up.
Gundamani-“Sorry I didnt recharge my phone so it got cut…Anyways come within 24 hours or else Prophet will be sent to you in million pieces.Also do a vodafone chota recharge for me when you leave the house
The phone went dead…. Nishita had a million thoughts running in her head.She 1st called her partner,Shovita the Catwoman No.2 & told her everything.

Shovita was Nishita’s cousin.She was also her partner in fighting crime & together they had fought many a battle & won.When not fighting evil she led a regular life.She had given up all worldly pleasures & dedicated her life to prayer.She had decided not to get married as she thought that it would be a major distraction.She stayed alone in large house in Blueberry hills.

Shovita was livid when she heard what Nishita said.She wanted to go immediately & chop Gundamani’s !@#$%. But Nishita being the calmer one asked her to give her some more time to think.She needed to have a proper plan coz she knew that Gundamani Ranga Pooki would surely trap her once she reaches him.She knew that she was gonna be busy for the next 24 hrs so first she needed someone to take care of her kids.She immediately called her trusted friend Ryan…

Ryan was a very close friend of Nishita & one of the 4 people who knew about her dual identity.He was a nice guy but a gold digger.He had married a much much older lady who was extremely rich & was waiting for her to konk off so that he could his hands on all her wealth.But to his bad luck his wife seemed to be getting stronger by the day.She looked horrible & her hair looked like one of those things thats used to remove cob webs from the walls.She was weird & made him dance all day.

Ryan-“Hey Ni…whats up.How’s everything in the billi world” & laughed at his own silly joke
Nishita-“Ryan,Im in trouble.Gundamani has kidnapped my husband.Shovi & me are now gonna rescue him,I wanted to you to watch my kids till I come back
Ryan-“Dont worry Ni.You go & get him back.Ill look after your kids”
Nishita-” Prophelia has dance class at 5 so you’ll have to pick her up from there & Ching Wang Loo eats only chinese ok
Ryan-“Yeah I’ve looked after them earlier,dont you worry.All the best to you both
Nishita sat for a while to take a breath.She knew she now had to get her Cat suit out & also her energy drink “Metacin Mocha”.The drink was secretly stored in her uncle’s house who was the only other person who knew her identity.His name was Lalleshwar Tippayya.

Lalleshwar Tippayya was a sleazy !@#$%^& who had only one thing on his mind.All he did was sit eyeing young college girls wearing pink shirts with something or other disgusting written on it.Nishita hated him but had to listen to his crap coz only he knew the recipe of the “Metacin Mocha” without which Nishita wouldnt be able to get energised.It was a special drink prepared from the herbs found deep in the jungles of Pilikula.
Nishita gave him a call & asked him to deliver 2 bottles of “Metacin Mocha” immmediately.She then called Shovita & asked her to come to her house ASAP.She arrived there in no time.They both got into their Cat suits.Nishita’s was obviously frog green in color & Shovita’s the regular one.Nishita wore her special silver ear rings.The ear rings didnt have any special powers, just that she wanted to look good even while fighting crime.They got into the CAT MOBILE screaming “billi billi meow meow, we are gonna make Gundamani go kheow kheow”  & so they set off…….



1)All the characters in the article except Lalleshwar Tippayya are fictional.Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely co-incidental

2)All the actors are professionals

3)Part 2 will have some violence so please keep your kids away from it


So the waiter comes & we decide to place the orders
Levin: One masala paapad & let the paapad be roasted.
Kevin: One chicken manchow soup.
Sudeep: One bottle of cold bisleri.
Waiter: *thinking to himself * “Wa marler,Ninkampoops” & then out loud “sorry sir none of that is available,I can give u all a plate of meals with the fish of your choice
Everyone says “ok” in unison.
Rohit: Shmucks!
Levin: What?
Rohit: Nevermind
Sunny: So what plans next?
Ryan: Beach! But after around 5 ok
Sunny: Yeah Virgin beach ok
Kevin: Why is it called VIRGIN beach?
Levin: *grins* Coz I’ve never been on it.
Kevin: Huh?
Rohit: Nevermind
The food arrives.Btw Anil is still here.He’s just making his presence felt by not being there.
Ryan: This is too damn spicy.
Sudeep : Now laugh, when I asked for bisleri all thought that it was a joke
Kevin: This fish tastes like potato
Rohit: Shmuck…That is potato.The fish is in the other plate
Kevin: Oh…huhuhuhuh scooby doo huhuhuhuhu….
Levin: *out loud* You spin my head right round, rightround when you go down….
Sudeep: *out loud* Lovers live longer, lovers live right…
A kid at the next table looks at both of them & starts crying
Kevin: I wish Anuroop was here.I miss him so much & then thinks to himself “I think the bill will be about 700 bucks which means ill have to pay aorund 100 bucks”
Sudeep : Im just happy coz Rohit is here
Rohit doesnt exactly know what that means so he just pretends not to have heard it.He’s always been wary of Sudeeps feelings for him
Sunny: This Anjaal is really good men.I think they get it from bunder blah blah blah….
Lunch takes an eternity & just as Ryan wanted they all reached the beach around 5.
Sudeep: Take off your clothes guys, lets play in the water
Kevin: shi shi…im not comin.Right now the winds are blowing towards us at around 60 miles per hour,the tide seems a lil high, the water is dirty so its dangerous & most importantly I havent bought spare undies.
Sudeep: You can wear mine.
Nobody still knows whether he was serious or joking coz with Sudeep you never know.
Kevin: *seriously* “Yours will be too big for me”
So the 5 of them minus Kevin in to the water.Rohit taught everyone how to ride a wave.When everyone said that they had mastered it they decided to give it a go.A huge wave-123 jump-splutter splutter-backup-a quick scan to see if everyone was still there.They were,all except Sudeep who was on the shore with is face buried in the sand still shouting “Im fine Im fine”
An hour later all are relaxing on the shore playing a game of uno.
Ryan: Remember the bbq party at AUNTY’s PLACE?Wasnt that just awesome
Kevin: Yeah Anuroop was there
Ryan: Didnt you try to go & sleep with him at that night?
Kevin: Yeah man…He kicked me when I went & slept next to him,its still paining.All i wanted to do was sleep coz there was no other place.
Sunny: Levin dont cheat.
Anil: Yeah Laveena was also there, I wonder where she is now.
Kevin: She’s in dubai man, she broke up with her guy & went there to work.Her sister is still here studying in Aloysius.She’s going around with that guy Jason.He’s your neighbour Ryan, You dont know him?
Ryan: No
Rohit stares blanky at Kevin not knowing what to say.
Ryan: Im hungry.
Sudeep: That ************ turned out to be such a w****e man
Levin: Yeah she’s like a doorknob 😀
Kevin: Why?
Levin: *grinning* Coz everybody gets a turn.
Kevin: Whats the connection?
Anil: Uno
Rohit: Didnt you still get what Levin meant?
Sunny: Damn…The stupid sand went into my eyes.
Kevin: Damn…I forgot to say Uno.
Levin : Damn…i forgot how to play the game.
Ryan: I win! (Coz its my story)
Levin: Im triple K….Killer, Kamina & 3rd one which I cant remember
Ryan: Lets freshen up & head to Howzzat
Levin: Tonights Gonna be a good night…..wooooohhhoooooo
Kevin: Stop acting like a F****r & act like a CA….Oh sorry you still arent one no huhuhuhuhuhu
Levin:*screaming* “WWAAAADDDDUUPPP! Im high on life people!.Im triple K….Killer, Kameena & the 3rd one which i still dont remember”
Ryan: Damn…Tonights gonna be a long night
Kevin: Hey Sharon’s here
Anil: Who’s that
Rohit: Dont even dare to start,enough for 1 day
Kevin: She’s my cousin
‘OH’ said everyone embarassed
Levin: screams all of a sudden “Im KHULLA SAAND!!!! That was the 3rd K, though now i forgot the 1st two!”
Tang: Levin your friends are such pussies man.
The night turns into early morning….There’s crazy dancing, there’s heavy drinking,there’s flirting, there r lectures( Levins drunken relationship lectures that somehow I end up getting), there’s puking, there’s cursing….And finally when everyone is back home lying on their beds tired & sleepy, there’s one thought going on in each ones mind -” Those guys might be totally crazy, but they are truly awesome!” :-)……..
DEDICATED TO MY FRIENDS -Levin, Sudeep, Kevin, Rohit Anil & Sunny
1)A special thanks to TANG for his guest appearance.
2)If I’ve hurt anyones feelings, it was intentional
3)Coming soon -Catwoman saga & Pimpry ban gaya gentleman.

All In A Days Work- Part 1

I was sitting all by myself (for reasons known only to a few) when I suddenly    wondered “what would happen if all our gang members were present at the same time” Coz right now we dont seem to be able to get everyone together at the same time. Well I guess it would be something like this
7:00AM(Sunday morning)
Levin: WAAAAAAAADDDDUUUPPPP!Dude wake up,wat you doin in bed so long?
Ryan: (still in bed) huh? Who is this?
Levin: You fu***r, Its me,get your lazy ass out of bed,lets have a guys day out today,a day of fun, a day of party!!!
Ryan: (Still dazed)”Is this Levin?”
Levin:Yeah you fu***r…..  are you all set to chiggy wiggy?
Ryan: Dude, its sunday.Lets just all sit at home & relax.
Levin: Get ready in half an hour,we’ll pick you up.
(Levin to Kevin)
Levin: Fu***r what you doin? We are havin an all day party.Get ready
Kevin: Fu***r you only. I cant get ready so soon,Im cleaning my car.
Levin:How long will it take?
Kevin: One & a half hour
Levin: WTF! I dont even take that long to have a bath for a week put together!I dont care.Come home in half an hour or else we’ll leave you & go
(Levin to Sunny)
Levin: Dude we are gonna have an all day party today.
10 minutes later Sunny is at Levins place
(Ryan to Sudeep)
Ryan:Hey Levin said that we’re having an all day party,Asked me to inform you.Get ready
Sudeep: Ill be ready in 2 minutes dude.Ill come to your place,we’ll go in my car!
One n half hour later-still no sign of him
(Ryan to Rohit)
Ryan:Hey Rohit it seems we are having a day out
Rohit: Did he say where?I have no issues,I jus have some work to be done & after that we are good to go
(Levin to Anil)
Levin: Pinto…WAAAADDDUUPPP…..We are having a day spend.
Anil:Yeah cool,Ill just have to tell at home that I have to go to Kerala on work.
2 hours later finally in the car…
Levin:WWWAAAADDDuUUUpp ppl! Lets party!
Rohit:Where are we going
Levin: Oktober fest for a day!!! Wooooooohooooo
Kevin: Yeah awesome even though I didnt understand what you just said.
Sudeep: Its now or never….come hold me tight, kiss me my darling, be mine tonight.
Levin: Do you think we should’ve called some girls along?
Ryan:Yeah I think you should’ve coz everytime Tang sees the 3 of us together he goes into the Kela song.
Kevin:huhhuhuhhu scooby dooby dooo oo huhuhhuhu

Rohit: ok you dimwits before we end up spending the morning in the car I propose that we go to the zoo in the morning, beach in the evening & hit the club at night

Kevin: Rohit said “propose” huhuhuh scoobydooby doooo huhuh

Sunny: We’ll go to Virgin Beach!!!!
Sudeep: Tujhe kaalen re virgin virgin
Levin: I know you want me, You know I want ya….I know you want meeeeeee…
Sudeep:We should’ve called that girl Michelle
Anil:Who’s that?
Kevin:She’s that fair girl man, stays in urva, Lawrence Lobos daughter, wears all deep clothes n all, her boyfriend was that Tony.Now he left her & is running behind Janet.Janet is Chris’s sister, she was in your college only, 1 yr junior, how come you dont know.
Rohit just stares with is mouth wide open…Database is undoubtedly up to date
Levin:Lets all dress up as different animals & go to the zoo
Kevin:You dress up as a CA…Oh sorry you still arent one no
Rohit: He’ll dress up as a cock
Sudeep: Ill dress up as Kevin
Anil: What rubbish,I dont want any of my relatives to see me there dressed up like a weirdo.Lets just go normally.
Ryan:Lets not go to the zoo, it’ll be hot there & my skin is too sensitive, Ill get sunburnt.
Kevin:Yabbbaa…huhuhuhuhu scooby dooooo huhuhuh….
Finally we somehow reach the zoo…
Pictures are taken.Rohit being the all knowledgeable one gives all the explanations.Kevin keeps laughing,Ryan is afraid of the snake pit.Sunny as usual is very interested & watches & listens keenly.Anil is quiet.Sudeep keeps saying that the Tigers in US are much better & that ******* is a bitch. Levin keeps wondering why there arent any chicks around.Sunny wants to know why some tigers are white & some are yellow.The word tiger reminds Ryan about someone special.Rohit is totally busy clicking pics wid his Nikon, Anil seems busy on the phone texting someone, dont know who…actually we all know who.Kevin & Sudeep are busy comparing US & Australian bears. Sudeep says that the US bears are “Uniquely masculine with a hint of feminity sometimes grothesque but very amicable”. Kevin doesnt understand a word. He replies saying “Australian bears are big & black in color”.Levin tells everyone that the he read in the papers today that the tigers in assam are extinct which according to him is some kind of a co-incidence.All are exhausted within 2 hours coz we arent exactly the fittest guys around.Our idea of work is sitting & planning out a party.                                                                   
Sudeep:Where do we go for lunch?
Sunny: Dinky Dine
Anil:Summer Castle
Levin: Bluewaters
Obviously you know which one is ignored 1st.
So Meena’s it is to have some fish & mainly coz its our boss Rohit’s suggestion.
This is what everyone is seriously thinking….
Rohit:”These morons will do anything I say.”
Kevin:”Thank God we are going to Meena’s or else these people order the seafood platter & salads in other restaurants & make me pay,I know Im an  Australian & that I have lotsa money but I need to save it for my flat screen tv & BMW”
Levin:”Meena’s? WTF….. This Meena better be one hot chick so that going there would be worthwhile
Ryan “I wonder what Anil is thinking”
Anil “Blank”
Sudeep: “Im come from US & these fools are making me eat in a gooodangadi”
Sunny : “Im gonna have anjaal fry”
So we all head to Meena’s & sit down for a nice meal.

2)”huhuhuhu scoobydooby dooo huhuhu” is Kevins laugh(For all those who dont know that)

3)Places mentioned here arent fictional 😛

4)Pictures are only to show you who the protagonists are.