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A Day To Remember Or Maybe Forget!!!

August 20, 2012 9 comments

Reliving an old post! My 1st post ever 5 yrs back! :-) A real life incident :-D

It was a few weeks ago when I was still busy with exams & all of a sudden I got a call from my buddy Levin & he was like “dude come over to my place for lunch tomorrow”. I was excited “Whats the occasion” I asked. “Nothin special, Im cooking” was his answer. For a second I didnt know what to say. “U there??” he asked. I said “yeah yeah, U cooking????”. “Yes & be sure that u make it & I’ve called some other friends over too”. Relieved that there’ll be others to share the grief “Yeah sure” I said trying to sound excited & at the same time making a mental note to have a heavy breakfast the next morning.

I had to go to college so when I reached his place it was just a little late, but with plenty of time for lunch though. When i made it there finally I saw that the others were already there.

CHARACTERS- Binoy, Pearl, Karen, Relin & ofcourse Levin
THE SETTING – Levin’s  Dining Room

Of these people Binoy was an old friend from school, Karen was a friend from college & I was meeting Pearl & Relin for the 1st time.When I entered all these guys were sitting around the table & Levin was pain stakingly explaining a board game to them which they were about to play. I opted out of it(which i was really thankful for later!!). Looking at everyone’s faces I knew immediately that nobody could understand what the game was but everyone pretended with some even asking the occasional question. Nobody wants to look dumb you know.I made a prediction that Levin would win the game coz I was sure that no one else understood what the game was all about. Anyways they began playing & it went on for about an hour. Binoy had that determined look throughout. He wanted to win desperately even though he had no clue as to what was going on.Karen kept circulating some card to everyone throughout the game.Relin pretended to be enjoying & Pearl…Well she was’nt even pretending.She kept fiddling about with everything & yawning. Finally the game to an end and VOILA!! the winner was……..NOBODY….Huh?? Yeah you heard it right. Nobody won. The fact that even Levin couldnt manage to win even though he was playing against 4 people who had no clue as to what they were doing says something, doesnt it?? Then everyone blamed poor Relin saying that there was no winner coz she cheated during the game. Give me a break!!! How can u cheat in a game that you dont even know how to play in the first place?? . Well…she agreed that she cheated( which makes it all even more weird).

CHARACTERS- Well pretty much the same
THE SETTING – The Kitchen

Levin went into the kitchen to have a look at the “food”.We all began packing the game up. Suddenly Binoy realised what the game was actually about & began screaming “Now I understood the game”…huh?? I know its getting all too weird. So then we went into the kitchen


We were done with the game. Levin went into the kitchen. We all looked at each other. We knew that the time had come. Our worst fears were about to come true.The moment of truth. We were scared, we were confused,we were helpless. We were surely too young to….well not die but have a stomach ache or something( Do people die of stomach ache???).We looked at the main door. I knew that everyone had just one question in mind,”could i make a run for it?”. But we all knew that it was just not possible. Levin would get to us even before we would get halfway through the hall. Hungry, scared, dejected we made our way to the kitchen in a single file like Prisoners of War. There Levin was standing saying”everything looks good”. Everyone was standing far away waiting for the other to make the 1st move. Seeing that nobody else was coming forward I grabbed my plate & went first. I smiled to comfort the others( coz I remembered the movie Bhagath Singh).I went to the rice first. I grabbed the spoon to take the rice. I tapped the spoon with rice onto my plate.Nothing happened.’Tap’ again nothing happened.Then I scraped the spoon with another. ‘Splat ‘the rice fell on the plate. Now that was done I looked at the rest.Other items on the menu were palak paneer, curds & vegetables.I put everything in my plate , mustered up all the courage & put the first morsel in my mouth…….

Now after such a build up to the story im sure you must be expecting me to say that it was either very bad or very good. But here’s where a bit of anti-climax comes in. It was neither good nor bad.It was STRANGE. Strange because everything tasted absolutely the same, not similar.SAME!!. I mean u eat rice & then palak & then the vegetable & have a sip of water. SAME. Infact if we would run out of palak , it didnt matter coz you could make do with the rice.Everyting tasted the same afterall!!! Infact for the 1st time ever I realised that water had some taste. Everyone else started having their lunch silently. Levin still kept sayin “everything looks good”. Somebody(either Relin or Pearl) said there was a jar of pickle in the cabinet. Everyone ran to get some.I’ve never seen so much demand for pickle ever. Now atleast we have something that tasted diffferent. Well anyways somehow we managed to finish whatever was in our plates. I dont know what had gotten into Levin. He still kept saying” everything was good, nothing got wasted”….DUH!!!!

Well whatever it is , it was an experience(I didnt say good or bad). I also know that Levin wont stop trying. He’ll definitely call us all over to his place once again & TRY n cook again. Ill definitely go. Till then Im gonna enjoy & appreciate every meal that I have everyday.

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Cricket Anyone? :-D

April 15, 2012 Leave a comment

At the rate at which cricket & IPL is influencing people I would’nt be surprised if a few years from now kids would answer like this -

How many states in India?

Ans: 9

Name them.

Ans : Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians……

Who is the chief Minister of Karnataka?

Ans : Vijay Mallya

Who is the father of the nation?

Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Who was Dada Saheb Phalke

Ans: Saurav Ganguly

Who built the Great wall of China?

Ans: Rahul Dravid

Name the Indians who struggled against the British

Ans: Raina, Laxman, Dhoni, Sehwag…..

If someone slaps you on one cheek…..?

Ans: Cry like how Sreesanth did when slapped by Harbajhan

When the going gets tough…..

Ans: Divert your mind by watching the cheerleaders

Who were the pioneers of the quit India Movement?

Ans: DLF

At which summit do the heads of India & Pakistan meet for peace talks?

Ans:  Once in 4 years at the World Cup

Between whom was the Kargil war fought?

Ans: Venkatesh Prasad & Aamir Sohail

Which is our National Anthem?

Ans: Korbo lorbo jeeth bore….

Who attained enlightenment  under the Bodhi tree?

Ans: Navjoth Singh Siddhu

Who was the 1st woman cricketer?

Ans: Geoffrey Boycott’s mother

Where was the 2nd World War fought?

Ans: Sharjah

Oh The Woes Of Social Networking!!!!!

April 7, 2011 6 comments

10:00 PM

It had been a hard day at the office. Deadlines, deadlines & more deadlines. It seemed never ending. Edward was finally at home away from all the madness. Its now time for the best part of the day… Social Networking!!! A term unheard of a few years back but now an indispensible part of his life. He logs on to Facebook & Twitter. His eyes move to the red flag… all he wants to know is how many updates he’s had & from whom!

He checks his updates. He’s disappointed. The “Friendship Request” he sent Michelle a colleague who worked on the floor above was still not accepted. He wondered why. Was she angry with the request? Not that she had any reason to accept it coz frankly speaking they weren’t friends. They hadn’t even spoken to each other, except a glance or two but even so, she had to accept it!! It would be a an insult of social networking proportions if she didn’t. He cursed all the girls in the world all the while checking the new pics uploaded by those of the opposite gender.

9:00 AM( Next Morning)

Edward entered the office. He looked around, but nobody seemed to be bothered that he was there. He made a mental note to spam them all with FARMVILLE requests. Nothing could be more irritating than asking someone to feed your cow 5 times a day.He walked over to his cabin. On the way he saw Loreen, another employee… she looked a li’l low but that was understandable coz she had put an inverted smiley as her status msg last night. 150 ppl had commented on it but Loreen had’nt replied. Edward cursed her, if she didn’t want anyone to know why she was sad why did she have to put up that status in the 1st place! He had wasted an hour waiting for her reply to the 150 comments from everybody but it never came. He sat down at his table wanting some coffee but he didn’t dare touch it coz someone had put up last night on FB that coffee might contain radioactive material coz it may have come from Japan. Edward wasn’t gonna take any chances!!


Edward gets bored & logs in to Facebook. There were now 200 comments on Loreen’s status but still no reply from her. How come girls get so many comments? Nobody would bother if he said that he was gonn kill himself but 200 people are worried about this girls smiley. Meanwhile there’s a new development, that really got him excited. Michelle’s status said “Single Again” “OMG! THE Michelle is single again, he had been praying for that to happen for a year now. “ This has to be best news ever” he said aloud. There were already 15 guys asking her “what happened” & “Im here for you babe”  & Edward knew that  this was opportunity so he posted “ Tough times never last but tough people do” It didn’t make sense but he was too excited to think it over. He wondered if she would be impressed. In the next minute she “LIKED” what he posted & he was over the moon. He wondered what she liked about it coz he himself didn’t know what he meant. “Who cares, she likes it & that’s what matters” he thought

12:28 PM

After talking to 15 clients & solving all their problems, FB needed him again. 45 notifications! He jumped with joy wondering who had sent him so many messages only to realize that it was just another 45 guys replying to Michelle’s relationship status. He was angry. He called them all vultures & threw all the fishes of fishville at them but only in his mind. He decided to ignore Michelle. Still no sign of Susan though. “I wonder whats taking her so long to accept the he request “  He wondered. He checked that there were new pictures uploaded by his colleague. It was a party at his place house. Michelle & Susan were both there along with many other familiar faces from the office. Edward fumed. How dare they not invite him & promptly put him in his ‘ignore’ list. He then spammed him with Cityville updates.

2:00 PM

Afternoon at the office was a drag especially after a heavy lunch.  He wondered what was happening in the world of social networking. He logged in. He decided that it was time he draw some attention to himself. After thinking a lot he posted ‘ Work is killing, don’t think I can survive another day’… he waited. No comments. 10 mins…no comments, 20 mins…no comments. Cursing everyone he decided to poke Ajay. He poked back… “Oh so he is online & yet didn’t comment on my status”.  He decided to exact revenge & opened Mafia Wars & after spending 15 mins on it trying to kill him ended up losing 50,000 Mafia dollars. Nothing was going right today, the FB fortune cookie was right today when it said “You’re gonna fight a losing battle” He thought he’ll divert his mind with work.

3:18 PM

He looked up from his papers which had kept him busy for the last hour or so. Still no comments on his status. Something else caught his eye. Tania!!!! Her status said “Parents leaving to Canada, home alone for a week” He jumped with joy off his chair & landed on the floor. Heads turned towards him & he sheepishly got back on his chair. Tania was one of the office hotties & though he had never spoken to her he felt he had a chance. He immediately commented “Want some company?”.  Just then he saw that Ajay had answered a quiz which declared that he’s soulmate was Susan !!!! WTF!!! “ 1st he doesn’t comment on my status, then he makes me lose my Mafia money & now this!!!” The nerve of the guy! Edward answered the same quiz.  Result – Ajay was his soulmate.

5:12 PM

Just done with tea break after a grueling session. Again no Coffee for him, stupid Earthquake in Japan, all the bad things happen to him only. Edward eagerly logs on to FB! YES!!!! 8 updates… he wondered how many girls commented on his status. But alas there was only one comment & … Joseph with his reply “Don’t die today dude, tomorrow is Sunday. Monday wud be better coz we’d get a holiday the next day”  Edward made a mental note to raid his farm later. Also the coffe thing was a hoax by some sadist geek who thought that it was funny. Still no news from Susan. Still no comment from Michelle & still Tania didn’t invite him home! Edward felt like he was fighting a losing battle against humanity. And Ajay still was his soulmate. Edward decided to never to use FB again!

7:00 PM

Edward decided to use Facebook again. He logged in. Antony had sent him a heart. Weird , geeky Antony. He deleted it & removed Antony from his friends list. Everything remained status quo. Except for one thing. Michelle had posted a link to her blog. Edward jumped on it. He read for what seemed an eternity at the end of which all he understood was that Michelle was single again. But that was something he already knew this morning. Oh what a waste of time! He superpoked her partly coz he was irritated & partly to get her to reply to him. He also had to delete 20 farmville requests, apparently he wasn’t the only one who spammed others with them. People were leaving the office silently.  Mafia killer Ajay, then weird Antony, Masochist Susan, Home alone Tania & single Michelle all made their way out with host of others. Nobody seemed to be talking. Why talk when you can chat on Facebook.

10:00 PM

The day has come to an end & Edward wants to have one last look at FB (one last look for the day that is) Ajay has “LIKED” his status. The nerve of the guy! Edward threw a pig at him. Michelle had changed her relationship status to “In a relationship” …. WTF that was the shortest breakup ever. Tania had put up that she was having the best time ever. Apparently now she wasn’t home alone…. And Susan had sent him a msg asking “Do I know you?” Edward decided never to use FB again & deactivated his account.

11:00 PM

Edward reactivates his account……….

Some Amusing Stuff

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Now there are some things that you never get to see sitting at home. A 3 layered Coffee, A truck wheely & One of a kind Hotel Restaurant :-D Simple & yet curious…

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Do You Want Some Ice Cream?

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I was checking my mail on Yahoo & this piece of NEWS content caught my eye. Now frankly speaking I dont know what to say so I’d rather post the content & let you decide for yourselves :)

So here it is, Breast Milk Ice cream! Why think of new flavours, new presentations when you can change the milk itself :S Simple! Its something that you always wanted right? It also goes on to say…

So its all for the cash… The things people will do for money is both amusing & amazing…And just when you felt that “this is heights” the article ends with the following piece

So the question now is…Are you ready for some Baby Gaga Icecream…. Coz Im not :-D

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Refuge- Burning up!)

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Two amusing but similar themes :-D

The Fishing Trip- Remembering that day :-)

June 1, 2010 Leave a comment

This was a blog that I had written on my other blog site abt 3 yrs back,on September 22nd 07 to be precise.It was infact one of the 1st things I had ever written so I thought that i would re live it once more :-) Here goes

Sunday!!!A day to relax… Some like to just take a walk, some of us just prefer to sit & relax, some sleep, & some just watch TV. Afterall you’ve had a long week & a sunday is a welcome break. Having said that there are also some who go fishing! Coz its relaxing? Fun? I dunno. I’m no fisherman! And it wasn’t my idea…well if you’ve been reading this space I don’t need to tell you whose idea it was. You’ll know by now.

Anyways it was not him but his bro who came up with the plan this time (runs in the family).Now what do you say to someone who msgs you at 9 on a Sunday morning asking ” dude are you in the mood for fishing”…Yeah right!! Like I get up in the morning & think “Today I need to catch some fish” And how do you actually get into the fishing mood? Do you look at fishes? Smell maybe? Or just go and watch the ANIMAL PLANET or something? Well if you are trying to solve all these questions then you need to get a life coz I jus said “Yes” when he asked me if I wanted to come…Why? Well “HAVE YOU TRIED FISHING?” No right? That’s why!

So I reached Levin’s place at about 11 & I see that we or rather he’s fully prepared. He had the fishing rods, clips, the bait etc in one hand & a Gunda in the other. So I see that we have a team of fishermen now. Levin’s bro who was the boss (BIG FISH) for the day, Levin, Gunda(Kevin) , Noel & yours truly. Now with Levin’s bro you can never say whether he’s excited or anything coz he hardly shows any emotion, especially when he’s with us, Levin is hyper whenever we try something new somewhat like me, Gunda was worried that he didn’t know swimming & kept saying to himself “I will not fall in into the water” over & over again coz he knew that if he did, none of us would bother to try n rescue him & Noel ….well Noel, he seemed least bothered. He was more worried about carrying water bottles & an umbrella. For some reason he believed that he was gonna die of thirst at the beach (That itself shows how much experience he has ).

Anyways we finally set off to our destination. You could feel the excitement in the car…Well not really. Everyone already seemed to be missing their Sunday routine I guess. Anyways we reached & set off in search of a nice spot with our “fishing gear”(sounds cool to say it now)… A “nice spot” has nothing to do with the fishes. Its  one where the guys wont slip off & fall into the water coz only Colin (Levin’s bro)& I know how to swim. So we found the spot… & we got to work. Levin seemed very disappointed coz he thought that we were gonna be fishing on a boat. Levin…dude to go on a boat we first need to have a boat!!! Did you think that a boat would pop out from nowhere? Colin immediately got down to business setting up the bait & stuff. Once he told me what exactly was to be done I got to work in all earnest. Afterall that’s what we came there for. Levin & Gunda too tried their best for sometime. Noel…well Noels philosophy in life seemed to be “ why bother when there are others to do the work” So he simply sat there with his umbrella open to shield him from the sun!!!(and ofcourse his dear water bottles)Talk about being outdoors!!! Anyways what happened for the next 2 & half hours is hard to explain. We changed d spots, we changed the styles, we changed the positions but the fishes just wouldn’t come. Whats worse is that we could all see them moving around right in front of us almost as if they were taunting us. Finally two of our brilliant brains got frustrated & decided to take matter into their own hands. Both of them(Gunda & Levin)decided to get into the water & try n somehow catch the fish without the rods!. What followed was stupidity for the next 20 mins. Both were stuck on the slippery rocks & that too in weird positions. And when I mean weird positions I mean WEIRD. You had to be there to know what I’m talking about. They were even attracting a crowd which was pretty embarrassing for the rest of us. They moved as if they just received a couple of lo blows. Gunda walks on solid ground with some difficulty so you can imagine what he was doing in water. The highpoint of stupidity came when he went in search of fish with a plastic in hand(he was planning on using it to catch the fish!), slipped & fell. It was hilarious…Poor Gunda actually thought that he was gonna drown in water which was 4 feet deep. Infact it was so hilarious that the fishes which were eluding us till then stopped around him to laugh & then disappeared again. He now knows exactly what the sea water tastes like! In between all this I felt a pull on the fishing rod & I knew that this was it!!! I managed to out smart the guys & catch something 1st. I pulled & the thing wouldnt budge. Oh yeah ….a really big one. Called Gunda for help & then finally realised that it was no big fish.Infact it wasnt even a small fish. It was just that the bait was stuck in between the rocks(Now you are happy Gunda?)All this while our boss Colin had quietly sneaked out to a safe distance & was watching all the fun.. He knew that his weekend was already a hit watching these bunch of losers fish. You could actually see him laugh wickedly in the background. I think he was pretending that he was not with us now that everyone was watching sliding Levin, drowning Gunda, clueless Ryan & Mr Umbrella boy.

After 2 & a half hours we finally realized that weren’t close enough to be good fishermen, infact someone was not close enough to be even called a man .We finally decided to call it a day . My sensitive skin was already burning from the sun. All of us were sad & dejected & made our way back to the car. Not really……we always knew that we weren’t gonna catch anything right form the beginning. Noel knew that he wasn’t even gonna try. The only person who was disappointed & ashamed was Gunda coz he had already told all the very few gals he knew that he would be fishing & that he wouldn’t come back without atleast one fish. We all know that it ain’t  gonna happen anymore ….So all the best to him. Levin will live to fish another day. Noel will live coz of the water & umbrella but no fishing for sure.Me ofcourse will definitely be there next time too. Whatever said & done it was truly a fun experience. Will definitely let you guys know how the next one goes coz there definitely is gonna be a next one, only if you are interested… Like you have a choice!!!…Take care

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